NFL VIP PICK NFL Vip Pick includes top wagers on American football for the day. Here we focus mainly on the security of the bets and is possible sometimes the…
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NFL Parlays The parlay is typical bet for American sports – here you choose two NFL matches on your betting card. This means that we will offer you combine NFL…
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Premium NFL picks and parlays at NFL BET PICKS

NFL BET PICKS is a special site for NFL picks and parlays. This is the favorite game in America and a lot of sportsbooks offer a huge selection of wager options for the NFL. In the rest of the world American football is also very popular. Because of that a lot of people bet on the NFL matches. We will try to help you to win on American football betting – that’s our main purpose on this site. Through our picks predictions , you will be able to increase your incomes and thanks to the knowledge of American analyzers of this sport you will get the best premium NFL picks and parlays.

The field of American football is similar to the soccer one and that’s the reason a lot of soccer fans like this sport. The end of the field is called endzone. It is in front of the two doors and is wide 10 yards. That’s the place where the points are scored. The aim of every team is to reach it and to win points. You can receive picks for points in the game or for the single team winner. The main wagers in sportsbooks for NFL are for a winner and spread. You can also bet on these two options for every single quarter.

One game in American football is 4 parts from 15 minutes. In a draw in the game is played overtime and a lot of sports betting sites offer wagers for overtime. In our NFL picks and parlays, is very unlikely to be included predictions for overtime. The NFL picks and parlays on our site are a two categories – NFL Vip Pick and NFL Parlay. You can choose a certain category to subscribe to and start winning. Odds will be different on every single subscription option and your chances to win every single day are not low.