How much money do I need to start?

This all varies with each individual. NFL Bet Picks has had people start with a bankroll as low as $500. We will teaches a money management and unit system in our welcome email which each individual applies based on his betting bankroll.

What is my return on my investment?

We can not guarantee any outcome, this is gambling after all. The people that follow our betting management and stick to the system have made great returns. If we do not make a profits, we will not sale picks, right?

How do I purchase NFL picks and parlays and what’s the process once I do?

Once you purchase a package with one of the payment options, you then immediately received an email with selected picks. If you need any assistance in identifying where to bet or have questions about the picks, our team can assist you 24/7 via email.

Why should I bet with NFLBetPicks.com?